New Load Reactor dedicated for inverter testing 500A,1000V

Load Reactor dedicated for inverter testing 500A,1000V

Load reactor is designed to test frequency inverter.

Features of Three-phase load reactor:

The windings adopt foil winding structure, which has small DC resistance, Strong at short circuit withstand capability and short time overload capability;
The use of composite insulation materials with an insulation level of F or H allows the product to maintain reliable performance under severe working conditions;
Reactor has low magnetic flux density, good linearity, strong overload capability, and low noise;
The iron core adopts low-loss cold-rolled oriented silicon steel, the reactor has low loss, high efficiency and low temperature rise.

Parameters of Load reactor:

Rated power:0.55kvar-1000kvar
Voltage range:380-460V
Inductance value:0.49-20.0mH
Working mode: short-term work or long-term work( for two hours or more at rated current)
Inductance value error: ±10%, short circuit UVW,RST input current.
Phase type: three phase
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Cooling mode: AN/AF
Insulation Class: F/H
Altitude: 1000m, operating frequency value decreased correspondingly when above 1000m.
Temperature range:-25℃~45℃.
Storage temp: -40℃~70℃
Operating humidity: relative 10%-90%
Anti-pollution: 3 class
Anti-salt-mist degree: salinity 0.1mg/m³
Standard: IEC289:1987 choke, GB10229-88 choke(eqv IEC289:1987),JB9644-1999 choke for electrical transmission of semiconductor
Inductance Value(mH) 100uH/200uH/300uH/400uH/500uH
Insulation Class H
Nominal voltage range(V) 1000
Phase 3 Phase
Operating frequency /
Nominal Current range(A) 500

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