High frequency DC filterling reactors for high-speed maglev train 60A

High frequency DC filterling reactors for high-speed maglev train 60A

Application principle and description

High frequency DC filterling reactors are mainly used to limit high frequency harmonics and suppress the voltage impact of the input circuit on the electromagnet. The application circuit of the reactor is shown in the following diagram. This circuit is a half-bridge chopper circuit. The reactor is connected in series with the load electromagnet. The system input voltage is DC270V~DC660V, two IGBTs are turned on or turned off at the same time. The current direction is shown as diagram when turned on. The diode will keep the current direction in reactor and electromagnet remains unchanged when turned off. However, there is a voltage surge at the moment of switching on and off, and the reactor should meet the switching frequency requirement of IGBT at least 5KHz.


Circuit Diagram


Reactor for suspension controller of 600 km/h high-speed maglev train, installed inside the interlayer at the bottom of maglev train.

Main features

Total loss: less than 60W (150 ℃).

MTBF ≥1000000h 

Service Life ≥30 years


GB/T 191-2008



GB/T 4798.5-2007

GB/T 5465.2-2008


GB/T 25120-2010

GB/T 21563-2008


DIN 5510-5

EN 15085-2:2007

EN 50126-1999

TJ/CJ 254-2013

GB/T 21413.1


Nominal voltage range(V) 660
Nominal Current range(A) 60

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